I have had and continue to have an amazing life filled with really great people. I’m an introvert. I ran a public speaking business for 14 years. 🙂 I train and rehabilitate raptors in my spare time. I’m a professional Dog Training Instructor (which involves a lot of human training). This page used to be about business ideas I was pursuing, now it is just about me.

My current endeavours are to:

Previously, I was looking for work – any work. Then I realised that my dog training classes fit in around a full time uni load really well. And then I decided not to pursue a career in Medical Sonography. So the dog training biz is my full time gig. 🙂

There are some qualities that I admire and seek to cultivate in myself. I have been known to be: tenacious, energetic, health conscious, confident, organised, unconventional, knowledgeable, funny, clever, socially adept, honest, curious, fair, supportive, loving and creative. I aim to work on these a little bit most days.

I’m easily entertained by small things. I like to be able to do a variety of tasks, but also happy to do boring repetitive tasks for periods of time. I get great satisfaction from getting things done, such as sticking a few hundred price stickers on items and putting them all away neatly. Obviously I enjoy “attention to detail” as well as creative big picture stuff like formulating a marketing plan or designing a presentation. I love communicating and teaching and helping people learn and discover.

If you’d like to know what I have been up to professionally, go stalk me on LinkedIn 🙂 My big motivations in life are helping others, problem solving and communicating.

My future plans include:

  • industry qualification in animal training
  • a thriving dog training business, including online courses
  • a fully operational raptor hospital in my workshop and flight pens in my back yard
  • a new dog, to join my gorgeous rescue Kelpie, Reya

My adventures in life include:

  • living in a loving relationship since 2005 with a person whom I admire and respect
  • surviving and thriving after Pneumococcal meningitis and Meniere’s Disease
  • going back to “school” at age 42! Enjoyed 2.5yrs, done now
  • watching bird soap opera (they get up to all sorts of things)
  • sea kayaking (mostly river tours and inshore)
  • indoor rock climbing
  • Brailian jiu jitsu
  • running dog training classes – never dull
  • rehabilitating raptors
  • experimental cooking!
  • learning new stuff: guitar, leadership courses, brain books, animal training research..

If you would like to stalk me further I now occasionally post on social media.