Task timing and mindfulness

A couple of ideas on how to take control your time and remind yourself to be mindful:

The main points are:

  • use timed intervals for specific tasks and follow with a break,
  • use a timer that won’t scare the crap out of you, or interrupt your flow.

To implement this:

  • time how long you work for  (doing a particular type of work) and cut that down by a third or so,
  • set the alarm to gently bring you to complete your thought and leave the task for a break,
  • start your break by moving away from the task and dong your mindfulness routine, followed by whatever reward you have planned for that chunk,
  • reset the alarm appropriately for the next chunk (lather, rinse, repeat..)

Remember to adjust your times so that you finish while you are still enjoying, or at least being productive on, the task. The aim is to stay content while working and be happy to have a break. The bonus on the break is to be mindful for a moment, giving you a chance to remember your purpose in doing the work. This makes it much easier to be happy to return to the task (or enter the next one).

The tool that I use is a free Android app called “Alarm Clock Xtreme”. You can look up the Pomadoro Technique on Google. And the URL for Flying Solo is flyingsolo.com.au – that AU is important! Can’t believe I left it out, but hey, I’m too lazy to shoot the video again. 😉