Wrong-headed brain conceptualization

It is obvious to me that people find it easy to hold conflicting beliefs. I’m ironing out a few of mine.

triune-brain-theoryI have known for a log time that brains evolved from the bottom up, but have also believed (due to popular representations) that people are rational beings with emotions. Nope – not according to research or logic.

We are, in fact, emotional beings with delusions of rationality. Our neocortex evolved as a tool for our “real” brain to use in getting more adaptable behaviour.

Unlike a snake, who just moves to a warmer spot in the environment, we go find some dry sticks, some special rocks and do some magic to make fire happen. That’s the basic brain (“I’m cold”) using the neocortex (“I can make fire”) to get things done.

That shift in my perception about brains is very interesting to me.

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