Thoughts on politics

If you think it's pointless, you aren't the only one.

If you think it’s pointless, you aren’t the only one.

My gut reaction to “politics” is disgust. Here are a couple of definitions:

“the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power.”

“activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization.”

I was thinking about politics yesterday. I wondered why I sometimes place myself in a social situation where I am likely to be involved in politics, despite the disgust factor. I certainly hate our government political systems (the big state and national ones, all around the planet). In my opinion, they usually serve to help people with lots of money destroy the planet, hog the resources and walk all over the wishes of the general populace. They put on a bit of a show to entertain people and make them think that they have some say in policy decisions too.

So why do I get involved in groups where politics may flourish? I realize, on thinking about it, that it is a cost / benefit thing. Can I influence or support the group in order to achieve a superior outcome? Can I put up with the dishonesty and aggression that so often arise as the result of differing strongly held opinions? Oh, and then at the bottom of the list for deciding to get involved: do I have time / energy for this? 🙂

I find that my imaginations about how great the outcome could be overshadow the possibility of conflict or failure.I suppose that must be part of human nature, as otherwise not much would get done! I have also had success in the past in contributing useful ideas, and have made great friends along the way.

So here I am again, signing up to help a bunch of unknown people further our shared goals, and hoping that we do great things together without having major bust-ups. And I’ve got several of them on the go at the same time! In order to feel better and work more efficiently, I am giving them project space in my work system, and their own time slots. That means they are no longer up for being used as procrastination, they won’t eat into my down-time and their tasks will still get done.